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"Moving to the US and furnishing a new house felt so overwhelming -- so many options to pick from, how to know if one piece of furniture will "work" with the other? What to put where? Also having 3 kids around you makes it easy to procrastinate these kind of things and remain in an empty home

Deciding to work with Tami to tackle this challenge was the best decision we made. She not only helped us with figuring out the different design options and picking what works for us, but also made sure that we don't procrastinate these decisions for too long. Tami proactively reached out, sent options and made sure we make a decision and move forward. This effort resulted in a lively and colorful home."

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Arik F.

Nov 10, 2021

"Moving to the US provided us with both a challenge and an opportunity: on the one hand, we were starting fresh - furnishing a new home from scratch, and we wanted a home that will be awesome for our new life; On the other hand, we needed a home we can live in, ASAP.

So we turned to Tami with this challenge, and she accepted, which made everything simpler. She was extremely attentive and creative in helping us design our new home. Together we chose the theme (mid century modern with Americana motifs), and picked the furniture and accessories to go along with it for all the rooms, starting with the necessary but not stopping there. The result is a lovely new home that we are very happy with. We highly recommend working with TG spaces if you’re in a similar situation."

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Meital and Dvir V.

March 6, 2020

"As we prepared for our office move we knew we needed a design professional to stand with us and lead us in the right direction as we worked to create a new office layout and to help us dress up the space. Tammy came recommended to us, and she proved herself to be very personable, reliable and an excellent communicator. We worked with Tammy on a large project and she was always there to keep us calm throughout the process. She provided us with a few space-option sketches for us to look at, which helped us gain a sense of the space and make informed decisions on how to proceed with the design. She was very dedicated to working within the constraints of our budget and our space, and she helped us to find workable solutions when presented with challenges. Throughout all the hiccups with vendors, she was ever-ready to advocate for our project's needs. Tammy was committed to seeing our project through to the end and giving us her best. "

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Feb 6, 2020

"Tammy is very proactive, professional, and communicative. She worked in a very collaborative environment where she guided us through some very difficult development phases. She took a very plain, 2,000 Sq.Ft office building and turned it into the vision we wanted. Tammy is a 5 star recommendation for anyone looking for interior design that can:

​-Keep you abreast of the latest trends in interior design, furnishing and materials and make more suggestions that you can shake a stick at.
-Work with you to build a distinct living or office environment that is uniquely your own.
-Tap into the hidden structural potentials of your live/work space.
-Manage contractors and sub-contractors directly or in collaboration with you.
-Be flexible, compromising and proactive when unforeseen difficulties arise.
-Bring a personal and professional attitude to every interaction that makes you feel like you made all the right choices! "

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May 7, 2019

"We moved to the US, with 2 kids and a cat, in the midst of a global pandemic. Needless to say, this was an "interesting" experience, with lots of unknowns and concerns, but Tammy magically made anything related to furnishing and decorating our house to one less thing to worry about.
We got in touch with Tammy before flying over, and by the time we arrived to our temp housing, Tammy had already aligned with us on budget, style and functional needs, visited our future home, measured and laid out a plan and a living document for our project that made everything so clear and reassuring.
Tammy has the perfect combination of skills - design, resourcefulness, project management and great communication, which is exactly what was needed to make our relocation successful.
We can't wait for the next opportunity to work with Tammy!"

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Idit and Adam B.

March 13, 2021

"We started our journey with Tammy a year ago, two months before we moved to CA.
From the first minute of our phone meeting, Tammy understood exactly what we wanted - A cozy and happy home for our two lovely daughters. We moved from Israel and it was very important to us that when we get to the house - they feel at home again!
Tammy did it! We moved to a fully furnished house - it was warm, happy and ready for us.
Tammy is very creative in terms of ideas and suggestions while remaining flexible and open to ideas you may have throughout the process. Tammy is also patient, has awesome attention to details and budget and very easy to work with.
We are definitely going to work with her again, and have already recommended working with her to our friends."

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Irit and Gal M.

Mar 21, 2020

"About a year and half ago we moved to Silicon Valley, CA, knowing that we'll need a professional help furnishing our new house. We could have never wished for a better person for the job than *Tammy Hamenahem Golde*! right off the bat, Tammy understood our needs, design direction and budgetary framework - which were met fully. After measuring and sketching the entire house, pinpointing where every piece of furniture would stand - off to shopping we went. There is no wasted time time Tammy, every store is right on the money and all is needed is to follow her :) Tammy helped us first with the big things - dining room table, sofa, bedside tables, beds... but Tammy's real grandeur and where the magic really starts, is in the decor and what eventually makes it a beautiful home!"

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Shelly N.

June 10, 2019

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